Wedding Ceremony Pictures as well as any official reception event I feel like it’s important to step back and take a picture from the guests perspective.  Most of their wedding pictures will be close up of the couple, which is great but if we can show more then one perspective it will help with telling their story and just help add variate.

Find a way to add Interest to your Ceremony Pictures








Showing the back of your guests heads is not very exciting and would most likely be over looked, so in the above photo I put our subjects in the bottom third to follow photography composition rules and I used a ND filter to pull in the sky, which you can do in post production later.  I don’t like having to edit pictures so I would spend the few extra seconds to use a filter and capture everything in the camera.

 Find Some Elevation to Showcase a long Wedding Train








If your bride has a long wedding dress train or a cathedral length vial  find some high ground to show case your bride walking down the isle with dad. Usually at this part of the ceremony dad or the bride are making sad faces and often those photos never get used in a wedding album…. but this picture of the exact same moment but from a different perspective almost always make the album. Remember most people have a hard time looking at their own face.