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Day 190

Example of a way to keep the background from being to distracting. Image by Xelcise

Day one hundred and ninety of my project 365. This is a picture of Kirsty this morning looking very purdy :) There’s a reason for that grin, too. I went round very early this morning to be with her when she opened her university results. Turns out she passed everything! With flying colours too, might I add! So we went into town and had a much deserved coffee, on the way we dropped into the workshop to tell Kirsty’s mum and dad the great news and I got this picture outside in the dazzling sunlight with her camera. We had a lovely relaxed day, visiting her Grandparents for a cuppa and generally chilling. I came back to have a curry with the family in the evening and watched a film. A wonderful day :)

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