I love landscape photography and I can’t get enough of it.  As a style I love to create big landscape pictures that feature my bride and groom.   I am sure I am not the only person out there who doesn’t really like to see myself in pictures… I think I look funny:)  Most of my couples share this same concern with me before the wedding, and how they are not looking forwards to pictures. One easy way around this to make your couples a bit smaller in the photo by capturing an amazing landscape photos that just features your bride and groom.

Shoot Wide

Approach this shot just like a landscape photo and shoot it wide to capture as much landscape detail as you can. Most of your portraits of your bride or groom will probably by 3/4 shots and if you are looking at a hundred pictures of yourself all shot the same it will be very repetitive. Its nice to give your bride and groom a mix of close and far pictures.








Off Camera Lighting

You will find exposing for your landscape and subject at the same time a bit difficult.  When shooting your wedding couple in front of a big sky does cause a little exposure challenge, so I use off camera lighting every time.   I expose for the sky then use a few speedlights to balance my subjects with the background, otherwise you are going to have to do some editing to get everything correct.  If you can just spend the few mins to expose this correct in the camera.








Composition and Rule of thirds

Composition is important to every photo but I feel like it should get a special shout out today.  Since the purpose of this photo is to capture an amazing landscape photo that just features the bride and groom… I will always put them in a bottom corner so they don’t take up to much space in my picture.  I also always put them on the edge of the photo because of the off camera lighting. Just out of frame on the right is where I put my umbrellas so I can expose my subjects.








I’d Love to hear your Ideas

These are just a few ideas and everybody does things different so we would love to hear your tips and tricks in the comments below, and for other tips and tricks please visit www.PhotographyTips.net