Q: Is PhotographyTips.net Free?
A: Yes! Photography Tips is a free service for everybody

Q: How do I delete my forum account?
A: Please email us kyle{at}photographytips.net with your request, along with your user name and associated email address. We will be sorry to see you leave!

Q: How do I remove myself from the Weekly newsletter?
A: At the bottom of every newsletter you will see a click here to unsubscribe, click that and your email account will be removed. Again we will be sorry to see you leave!

Q:Who do I contact if I have any feedback/suggestions for the site!
A: Please send an email with your feedback to kyle{at}photographytips.net

Q:Are you guys Hiring writers or editors?
A: We are always on the look out for good people and posts! If you are interested in writing for PhotographyTips.net please visit our submission page.  We are excited to see your work.

Thank you for visiting PhotographyTips.net as we are sure you are going to love it here.  There are useful tips for beginners, intermediate and even professional photographers.
I am sure there are more questions out there. If you have any other questions please just contact us.