Are you looking for a few ways to freshen up your portrait sessions or are you looking for wedding photography posing tips?

Here are 5 quick and easy tips to use at any wedding or engagement session.

~work with your bride and groom’s hands

~tell a story with your wedding pictures

~camera perspective changes your wedding portrait

~bokeh is a great way to add a second portrait look

~use light to your wedding photography advantage

1 How to pose your bride and groom’s hands

The simplest and easiest way to improve any portrait is to give their hands a task. When hands are idle and just resting at their side it feels and looks nervous, awkward, or even worse posed. If your hands are doing something it give us a candid and more approachable look.  Even though you are posing your subjects try and find little ways to make them look & feel relaxed as it will go a long a way in your portraits.

For the fellas I recommend just putting your hand in a pocket, or ask them to fix their cuff and capture more candid moments… which were totally setup. While the bridesmaids have it
a little easy as they hold their flowers, which can actually get pretty heavy over time.



2 Tell a story with your Wedding Pictures

Every working photographer will find themselves in a posing rut here and there. I feel like most photographers get stuck shooting tight on bride and grooms but remember we are trying to tell a story as well. So if every picture of the bride and groom was a close up they would eventually forget the weather but if you can step back and capture the setting as well as your bride and groom it will help tell their wedding story.

3 Camera Perspective

As the wedding day progresses try not to take every picture standing up, as it would get repetitive and boring if every picture was from the view point of a 6ft photographer. Take pictures from low angles or elevate the camera and look down at the subjects just slightly to add a more approachable portrait.

find unique spots or different poses to reflect your bride or groom.


4 Bokeh turns the same pose into something new and more intimate.

After you have a few shots from a pose try and find a way to shoot through something like a tree or bush as it will ad a fun soft layer over your bride and groom. I does take some moving around to make sure there are no leaves or something in front of your bride and grooms face.

5 Lighting is King

If you only remember one thing I hope it’s you remember lighting will make or break a photo. I was shooting a wedding where we were stuck inside because of weather, which shooting a wedding in a small indoor church can present it’s challenges.  Put your subjects in a dark room and set them next to the window.  If you expose for the highlight all the other detail will be lost into shadow, making your subjects face pop off the photo.


There are a lot of different photography variables at every wedding portrait session but if you keep these basic wedding photography posing tips in mind when you are shooting you will be in good shape. to view more tips on wedding photography please visit our wedding photography tips page.